Elizabeth graduated with a B.S in psychology and a minor in childhood studies  from Bridgewater State University. She went on to continue her education at Bridgewater State University where she received her Masters of the Arts in clinical psychology. She is currently on the path to earning her license to mental health counsel. 


     Elizabeth has worked with children and


adolescents for years in different settings. In her undergraduate studies she interned at TheAttleboro Center, a community based acute treatment program, where she worked with adolescents ages 12-18 years old. She also has experience working with younger children, aged 6-12, at an after school program and summer camp. Throughout her graduate internship she was able to expand the population of clients she works with and now has experience in an outpatient setting working with adults as well. 


     Elizabeth utilizes a variety of treatment strategies including, but not limited to, cognitive behavioral therapy, motivational interviewing, psychodynamic therapy, psychoeducation, play therapy, and person-centered therapy. Elizabeth believes that there is no one modality of treatment that will work for everyone and meets clients where they are at. While specific modalities are important to utilize in treatment, Elizabeth believes that the most essential factor in treatment outcome is an effective therapeutic relationship.