About Us

     At Fusion Behavioral Health & Fitness, LLC, we are committed to revolutionizing therapeutic interventions when dealing with mental health disorders by combining physical fitness with traditional therapeutic approaches.  Our unique facility incorporates the benefits of a studio fitness facility with the comfort of private treatment rooms.  Each Fusion client can expect to receive an individualized treatment plan specific to their own needs. Fusion's staff consists of licensed mental health clinicians, graduate level mental health group leaders, and elite coaching staff who hold college degrees and nationally recognized certifications.


     Our highly committed team is dedicated to fostering a welcoming environment of acceptance to all individuals who enter our facility.

Our Story

                       Co-Founders Tiffany and Randy Townsend developed the theoretical framework                       behind  Fusion following years of collaborating ideas with one another                                         surrounding  how to provide the best possible care for their clients in their                                   respective fields. Randy is credentialed as a Certified Strength & Conditioning                           Specialist (CSCS) through the National Strength & Conditioning Association                               (NSCA) and on several occasions he recognized a need to adjust his training                             philosophy to accommodate the needs of a client with additional needs such as                         autism or ADHD. At these times, Randy would consult with Tiffany, a Licensed                           Mental Health Counselor (LMHC) about the best ways to provide service to these particular clients and would then implement the techniques discussed in his training sessions. Similarly, Tiffany would consult with Randy about specific exercises that would benefit some of the children she was working  with in her  outpatient  counseling center.  Exercise                      and its benefits are often discussed in therapy sessions  as  an  effective   tool  to                      use in the  reduction  of symptoms of many mental health diagnoses, but there is                  little opportunity to implement exercise as an intervention during  sessions  due to                    the traditional medical model of therapy offices.  While  discussing a  need  for   a                  change in  facility  layout   to   benefit   therapeutic   interventions   and  symptom                management,  Tiffany  and  Randy   conducted   evidence-based   research   and                      decided  that  there  was  more than enough proof in current medical research for                      the  need  to  incorporate   physical   exercise   into   therapy   and   thus,   Fusion                      Behavioral Health & Fitness, LLC came to be.